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«Hellenicon Pantheon»: the journal of the Greek Spirituality and the Ancient Greek Religion. Greek religion of Dodecatheon, Greek philosophy and Mythology, classical studies, Greek history, current issues.

The «Hellenicon Pantheon» is a luxury quarterly editon (now in its 25th edition) in Greek language packed with articles about the Greek religion of Dodecatheon, ancient Hellenic civilization, classical philosophy, Greek Mythology, Hellenic history, religion, religious freedom and popular culture. Also there are articles about the contemporary Greek society and culture. It contains also popularized studies about matters like parapsychology, new science or religious phenomena. Furthermore you can read articles about the current political or social issues. It concetrates itself in the cultivation of the authentic hellenic Ideas about Man, Nature, the Cosmos for the preparation of a better future. We recommend it to scholars or simple admirers of ancient Hellas reading Greek.

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For more information about the traditional Greek Spirituality go to the official main site: http://homepage.mac.com/dodecatheon/ The official site of the traditional polytheistic Greek (Hellenic) religion of the Dodecatheon, of the Societas Hellenica Antiquariorum, the Comitee for the Greek religion and the journal Hellinicon Pantheon. The Basic Principles of Greek religion. News, Religious & mythology topics, free philosophical theses & articles, free pictures, free desktops, free movies.




A MAGAZINE FOR THE HELLENES LIVING ABROAD: The magazine of the Societas Hellenica Antiquariorum connects the Hellenes in foreign countries with their hellenic past and the contemporary hellenic reality, making an indispensable reading for the elder ones, as well as a formidable instrument for the shaping of national spirit among the younger people belonging to the second generation. Written in refined polytonic system Greek it is a quarterly, luxurious, edition, containing articles about Ancient Hellas, Greek Prehistory, Greek Religion of Dodecatheon, Greek Mythology, as well as timely social, cultural and philosophical articles. Subscription in foreign countries: $ (U.S.) 50.

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«Hellenicon Pantheon» is the journal of the Societas Hellenica Antiquariorum.
SOCIETAS HELLENICA ANTIQUARIORUM is a not-profit organisation (seat in Athens, Greece) and has as its aim the study and reinforcement of the hellenic Ideal. Through the events that it organizes, it aims at the shaping of hellenic consciousness and the furthering of the knowledge about the Classical Civilization and genuine Greek ideas. Our Society struggles for the establishment of the classical Hellenic language as an official language of Greece; it engages also itself in the study of Hellenic Prehistory and Religion. It makes also efforts for the preservation of the archaeological sites. Therefore, all interested in the preservation of Hellenism and the return to the ancestral values are invited to assist our work becoming members of our Society (membership is free for our friends abroad with the subscription to «Hellenicon Pantheon»).

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